Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing accounting functions, tax compliance and planning saves companies substantial resources and helps them manage variety of risks. It successfully shifts liabilities to consultants and brings in more expertise.

Our People

We understand that our people are our capital and we invest in the best. Our staff is of different cultures and languages but united by the same passion and devotion.

Our Passion

Since 1995, it has always been about Trust, Accuracy, Technology, You.

Serving Industries

New age requires innovative approach to even the most mundane tasks. Whether new processes, new tools or new products, we never stop to innovate.

Serving the World

National Business & Accounting Consultants (NBAC) Corporation

National Business & Accounting Consultants (NBAC) Corporation is a unique business advisory and data processing firm that specializes in servicing foreign companies and foreign-born individuals doing business in the United States.

The story of this company begins in 1982 with a small independent tax practice called NB Bookkeeping founded by Ms. Natalie Berman, CPA. In 1994, she partnered with Mr. Boris Foxman to build a diverse accounting practice serving primarily U.S. immigrants from Eastern Europe.

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Our Clients

Our clients span the globe and their needs are vast, as are our services. Below are just some of our clients both domestic and across the ocean

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