Accounting Consultants NBAC Corporation

Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing accounting functions, tax compliance and planning saves companies substantial resources and helps them manage variety of risks. It successfully shifts liabilities to consultants and brings in more expertise.

Accounting Consultants NBAC Corporation

Our People

We understand that our people are our capital and we invest in the best. Our staff is different cultures and languages but united by the same passion and devotion.

Accounting Consultants NBAC Corporation

Our Passion

Since 1995, it has always been about Trust, Accuracy, Technology, You.

Accounting Consultants NBAC Corporation

Serving Industries

New age requires innovative approach to even the most mundane tasks. Whether new processes, new tools or new products, we never stop to innovate.

Accounting Consultants NBAC Corporation

Serving the World

U.S. and Worldwide. With offices in Rockville, Fairfax, Falls Church, Washington D.C.

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    What our clients say

    Great place for doing your payroll and accounting need great service
    viplove Patel
    viplove Patel
    20:37 12 Feb 18
    Besides the great professionalism and expertise, the NBAC's biggest asset is its staff. The people working there are well trained, knowledgeable and friendly. They act fast and guide their clients carefully through any process, from simple tax return to IRS disputes. It is great to know that such level professionals are still around!
    Anna Sereda
    Anna Sereda
    20:08 08 Dec 16
    We use NBAC Corp for accounting and consulting needs for last 3 years. So far very satisfied. They are fast and professional with their responses and helped us a lot in many situation. Recommend.
    Serge Aliseenko
    Serge Aliseenko
    00:16 15 Dec 16
    Svetlana Verzilina is a highly professional and most charismatic and charming person in the NBAC. Her overall financial knowledge is on par with Stanford MBA graduates. Along with her inner and outer beauty, Svetlana is the face and brains of NBAC, Boris, firm owner and president, is professional and polite and on a top of that is a decent ping-pong player. Anastasya (Nastya) is a great ping pong player, has warm personality and wonderful human.
    Eugene Chereyskiy
    Eugene Chereyskiy
    00:17 17 Feb 17
    It is a pleasure to work with NBAC because of proficiency and flexibility of the team. We worked with Boris, Alla, Eve, Jane, Svetlana, Kira and Jason for some 3 years, and were happy with our experience. I think getting consulting services from NBAC is a great opportunity especially for foreign companies, who do not know details of U.S regulations and business practices.
    Alexey Ershoff
    Alexey Ershoff
    12:15 09 Jun 16

    National Business & Accounting Consultants (NBAC) Corporation in Rockville, MD| iVenture Accounting Group company

    National Business & Accounting Consultants (NBAC Corp) in Rockville, MD is a unique business advisory
    firm that specializes in U.S. and international tax, accounting, planning and payroll services for
    companies with as few as one employee. We emphasize our ability to serve domestic businesses and
    individuals as well as international companies and foreign-born individuals doing business in the United

    Understanding the growing needs of the diverse and international population of the region has resulted
    in our company establishing roots in Montgomery county, MD. We have taken into consideration the
    high demand for open-minded CPAs with ability to solve issues and find unconventional solutions for
    our wide array of client.

    Regardless of whether a client resides in Rockville, Washington, or internationally, NBAC’s CPAs and
    advisors would not only offer their tax and accounting expertise but world-class service to both
    businesses and high-net worth individuals.

    Along with our QuickBooks expertise, our CPA team is a local industry leader in cloud accounting and
    one of DMV area’s first adapters of Xero cloud accounting. Xero, a multiple-layer security platform
    allows our clients to collaborate with our accountants in real-time as well as successfully run their
    business on-the-go by accessing their finances from any internet-connected device.

    In 2018, as a part of our continual growth plan, NBAC Corp becomes an integral part of iVenture
    Accounting Group, one of the nation’s capital’s most progressive accounting and professional service
    organizations. A combination of expertise of the existing iVenture Accounting Group family of firms and
    NBAC’s international and entrepreneurial know how, brings a unique set of business skills, well beyond
    what is typically offered by firms of this size.

    By joining iVenture Accounting Group our company has not only expanded a field of served industries,
    now including Software, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate and Construction, but also doubled its
    DMV area presence.

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