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About Our Accounting, Tax and Payroll Firm


The story of this company begins in 1985 with a small independent tax practice in Rockville, MD called NB Bookkeeping founded by Ms. Natalie Berman, CPA. In 1995, she partnered with Mr. Boris Foxman to build a diverse accounting practice serving primarily U.S. immigrants from Europe along with serving U.S. individual and business clients. in. In 1995, the company incorporated into National Business & Accounting Consultants (NBAC) Corporation and over the next 5 years significantly expanded its services, created partnerships and built a solid network of companies and practitioners while focusing on small to mid-sized foreign companies doing business in the United States.

Due to personal qualities of its leaders, their devotion to growing the practice and emerging international population of the Greater Washington area, NBAC has expanded its international clientele to include well-known international corporations, nonprofit organizations, sport celebrities, diplomats, entrepreneurs, scientists and professionals from over 80 countries and all continents.

NBAC is a unique business advisory and data processing firm that specializes in servicing U.S. business and individuals as well as foreign companies and foreign-born individuals doing business in the United States.

NBAC is consistently selected as a business partner over its competition and here are some of the reasons why:

Uncompromised expertise

Our tax, accounting and employee benefits advisors have provided services to a very diverse group of clients, successfully represented them before the Internal Revenue Service in courts, defended them in IRS audits, and consistently lead to developing effective tax strategies. Understanding the clients’ business, professional expertise and creative thinking helped them get companies off the ground by arranging financing for startup ventures, real estate projects and import-export transactions.

Resources of a large company, service of a boutique firm

It is challenging for many companies to manage their relations with different service providers in the areas of tax, accounting, payroll, employee benefits, human resources and other related areas. It is even more difficult to manage such relationships remotely. NBAC has embraced this daunting task and has become one point of contact to coordinate all aspects of financial management according to clients’ requirements. A vast network of professionals, as well as a large number of corporate partnerships and affiliations with the most reputable service providers, financial institutions and industry experts have put NBAC at the forefront of small and mid-sized companies looking for guidance, support, and hands-on assistance in all aspects of growing their business in the United States.

Understanding clients

One of the most critical parts of doing business is communication. NBAC principals and the majority of staff have multicultural backgrounds, are bilingual and have spent most of their careers assisting foreign companies grow their business in the U.S. Working with individual and corporate clients from over 80 countries since 1984 has allowed NBAC to build and allocate the knowledge base that is efficiently and effectively transformed into an action plan for the company’s clients. NBAC has gone even further to help its clients find business partners, arrange financing for startup companies, business purchases and real estate projects.

Our Clients

Our clients span the globe and their needs are vast, as are our services. Below are just some of our clients both domestic and across the ocean

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