About Us


Streamlining the process of financial administration and delivering relevant expertise for international small and mid-sized companies that come to do business in the United States.


The company is built for the purpose of removing barriers between countries for doing commerce, regardless of how small your business may be. It has to be as easy to do business in any country as it is to work for any company in the world, from anywhere in the world. Ambition and talent are what counts. We are like artists – we started our canvas from scratch and must finish with a masterpiece.


There is a myriad of companies that can provide accounting, payroll, tax and financial services, but NBAC provides it with the kind of old-fashioned personal attention that other companies can’t match.

Small companies of the world choose NBAC for its ability to address all aspects of financial administration while doing business internationally at competitive rates.

Continued advances in technology have been taking companies to new dimensions of doing business worldwide. NBAC has strengthened its networks, utilized the latest software and comprehensive web-based tools that allow its clients to operate from any country in the world with full confidence.

Our Clients

Our clients span the globe and their needs are vast, as are our services. Below are just some of our clients both domestic and across the ocean

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